Chevrolet Volt: Here’s How Drivers Can Stop Being A ‘Prick’

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If you happen to own the Chevrolet Volt or just about any other vehicle from GM, you should be aware of your car’s stock settings which will turn on the reverse lights whenever the parking gear is engaged.

GM calls it the Courtesy Lights but it has created more hate towards the automaker. Ask anyone about the Courtesy Lights and they will gladly share with you a bitter experience of waiting or almost banging into a car at a parking lot due to the confusion it causes.

Heck, a green-focussed automotive forum even bombarded Chevrolet Volt owners for having a large number of ‘prick drivers’ due to these lights.

If you hate the name callings and would love to do a community a service, you should disable the confusing reverse lights that are being used for something else that isn’t reverse. The way to do so is through hitting the off button on the Courtesy Lights on the Volt’s infotainment system.