Chevy Camaro & Corvette Can’t Fail Worse Than Buick

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When the term days’ supply inventory is mentioned, it basically means the number of days a vehicle’s inventory would catch up with consumer demand based on the current rate it’s being sold. The higher a vehicle’s days’ supply, the worse it’s selling.

A healthy figure for any vehicle is a 60 day supply, but that’s an ideal for some automakers like GM which have an average of 105 day supply across the multiple brands under its umbrella.

With that average as the benchmark, it seems that some big names from the Detroit automaker aren’t doing too well in the US. The Chevrolet Corvette is one of them with a 267 day supply, followed by the Camaro with a 237 day supply.

According to Associated Press, both the Corvette and Camaro place fourth and fifth respectively in the list of vehicles with the highest days’ supply in the country. In fact, a good six out of top ten names in the list come from GM.

The automaker’s primary source of stagnation on dealer lots is Buick, with the Buick LaCrosse topping the aforementioned list via a 330 day supply. Other names include the Buick Cascada, Buick Verano, and Buick Regal.

One could argue that Camaro and Corvette sales are slow thanks to the winter, but these Buick models being among the worst shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, given the current decline of passenger cars in the market.