Chevy Corvette vs Porsche 911: Upcoming Mid-Engine Rivals?

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Throughout its existence, the Porsche 911 has always been the go-to performance car for the driving purists. This cannot be helped as the 911 never disappoints around the track and it is also quick off the line.

So when words of the mid-engine Corvette surfaced online, we can’t help but to imagine the car going up against the rumoured mid-engine Porsche 911. GM may have yet to offer any details on the mid-engine Corvette but we can already confirm on its existence by looking at the spy shots surrounding the car.

The Corvette was last spotted in the winter roads with the all-new Camaro ZL1 and we can be sure that the vehicle is testing out its handling at that point of time. When the mid-engine Corvette arrives, it is likely to rely on a more powerful version of the V8 on the Z06. Instead of 650hp, we may be looking at 750hp.

As for the mid-engine 911, it is being linked to a 4L flat-6 engine that can develop 503hp. This was already teased by Porsche through the RSR Concept that was unveiled earlier this year and it may turn into an official production vehicle by next year.

Based on the figures, it is obvious that the Corvette will be the more powerful mid-engine car when compared to the Porsche. However, around the track, the results may be very different hence it is best two wait and see both cars getting released before we can make a verdict.