Chevy Silverado vs Ford F-150: Bed Crushing Date Brings Unfair Result

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One of the biggest highlights of 2016 is the advert from Chevrolet that saw the Silverado and Ford F-150 getting punished by raining concrete blocks while in the presence of real people, not actors.

In case you have not seen it, Chevrolet positioned both the Silverado and F-150 next to each other before dropping concrete blocks into the bed of the pickup trucks from a tall height. The aim here is to prove that the F-150’s aluminium bed is weaker compared to the steel bed on the Silverado.

Well, true enough, the F-150’s aluminium bed suffered more pain as the falling rocks left some holes on it. The Silverado, on the other hand, only suffered from heavy scratches with no notable holes. Does this mean that the Silverado is stronger than the F-150?

The clip above may have screamed yes but we can’t fully agree that the Silverado is stronger. This is because the F-150 does not come with that ‘mandatory’ $300 bed-liner that protects the bed from heavy damages.

Besides, the steel bed on the Silverado has its own set of problems such as rust. But then, Chevrolet can always say that owners can apply anti-rust paint once every couple of years for longevity.