Chevy Volt Aims To Conquer Failure Like Tesla Model S

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If you can recall that moment when Tesla decided to ship the Model S into China, then you will surely remember the result of that the decision. In case you have forgotten, the Model S experienced a nightmare entry in China as it struggled to acquire decent sales figures.

Today, this is no longer the case at all. The Model S was repackaged and marketed heavily in China thus leading to a big boost in sales. It puts Tesla on the map in the local automotive market and this can also be described as a big win for the EV future.

For Chevrolet, they have not been doing too well with the Volt and parent company GM is not going to remain quiet about it. GM wants a big comeback like how it was with the Tesla Model S and their idea of doing so is through launching an upgraded Volt in the country.

The new Volt will adopt the same 1.5L hybrid setup thus allowing the car to travel 62 miles on electric and 466 miles with the aid of a range extender. The setup is no different from the Volt here in the US but it does come with one major change – a different name.

Instead of selling the car as the Chevrolet Volt, GM has decided to rebadge the vehicle as a Buick before calling it the Velite. Knowing that Buick has a bigger status in China, they have decided to settle for the badge change despite the Velite being an official twin for the Volt. Will it work out well for GM?