China Piles Pressure On Fiat-Chrysler To Sell Cheap!

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles is in a financially bad situation and this is caused by poor sales for 2017. August last month saw the decline going from bad to worst after FCA reported a loss of 11% from last year.

Seeing that FCA is looking for a new merger deal, the poor run of sales will hurt their valuation and this may spell bigger losses in the future. Major carmakers from China have made it clear that they are not interested in taking up on the merger deal even if the odds favor them to do so.

Well, the likes of Geely and DongFeng may just change their mind once they see FCA’s valuation dropping to a new low. If that is not bad enough, Great Wall may just get what they want and that is Jeep.

Great Wall has expressed great interest in acquiring Jeep but FCA is reluctant to sell. Jeep experienced a 15% slide in August last month and if the decline keeps on going, FCA may just have to call up Great Wall and start listening to their offers. This is unless FCA can turn their fortunes around in the coming month.