China Turns Cracks Down Inconsiderate Beams, US May Follow

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Headlights on vehicles are a must have feature, especially when driving in the night. However, due to the birth of new headlights technology, some cars have beams that are blinding other road users.

The same can be said for taller vehicles as their headlights will get directed straight into the front car driver’s eyes. NHTSA has already said that they are looking into the growing number of complaints regarding headlights and are hoping to come out with a solution for it.

Meanwhile in China, the government is already cracking down on road users with cars that are inconsiderately blinding their surroundings. In an operation that happened last week, several law enforcers were stationed by the side of major highways to monitor on vehicles with blinding lights and high beams.

The police officer will then stop the said car before writing a ticket to the driver. Is that is not bad enough, the driver will get educated on the effects of inconsiderate beams the rough way. Will such a thing get implemented here in the US?