China’s Market Slowdown Does Not Affect EVs

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Many carmakers are rethinking their strategy for China after the country announced on a slowdown in its economy. Even so, it looks like sales of EV cars are prospering in the Far East nation after the country registered a whopping 75,000 EV cars in 2014.

The EV market showed signs of improvement for 2015 as the numbers inclined further and it gives a strong and positive outlook for 2016. Some carmakers are also excited for China’s EV future as the country reports strong demand for EV cars despite experiencing an economic slowdown.

Saab, in particular, will be making its official return in China with the release of the 9-3 EV. Chevrolet too won’t stop shipping vehicles to China but they will focus more on the release of the upcoming Bolt EV.

With that being said, China could just turn into one of the most polluted countries into a green nation with the uprising of EV cars.