Chrysler Crossfire Revival Can Win Back Fans

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One would say that the public has been to critical towards Chrysler and we can’t help but to agree with this. However, we feel that Chrysler deserves all the criticism aimed at it because the carmaker has been making a lot of unpopular decisions in recent years.

Just look at Chrysler’s line-up today. The brand only has the Pacifica and the 300. It’s a very small line-up and it makes Chrysler looking pathetic. Of course, this is not to say that the Pacifica and the 300 are two bad vehicles.

The lack of models in the line-up puts Chrysler at a disadvantage because if the Pacifica and the 300 are to fail, there are no other vehicles that can back Chrysler up.

We are pretty sure that Chrysler is aware of this and they are probably thinking about expanding their line-up too. Well, our suggestion would be to start with the revival of the Crossfire. The latter was a hot luxury coupe back in the days and its revival can put some positive attention on Chrysler.

With the extra attention, Chrysler can then market their other products to strengthen their financials. Heck, the Crossfire can even do wonders if it is able to come out with a clever performance hybrid trim that can make the public go wow.

All we can say is that the Crossfire holds the key to put Chrysler back on track. But of course, this is just our opinion on the matter. We would love to hear what you think Chrysler needs in the long-term.