Chrysler Pacifica Caught Grinning At Honda Odyssey’s Setback!

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Minivans may not be the ‘in-thing’ here in the US automotive scene but there is still a market for carmakers to tap on. This explains why Chrysler has cashed in big on the Pacifica despite knowing that the Honda Odyssey is the more popular choice around.

The Pacifica may not have the volume of the Odyssey but you will be amazed to see that the difference is very minimal. Perhaps, in the near future to come, the Pacifica may just be able to outsell with Odyssey.

The advantage is with the Pacifica at the moment as the Odyssey has got its strong run in sales tainted in a massive recall. Honda announced earlier today that they will be recalling about 800,000 Odyssey that are produced between 2011 and 2017 due to an issue with the seating.

It was discovered that the second-row and third-row seats can tip over in the event of emergency braking thus putting the lives of occupants at greater risk of fatality.

Honda has taken pride in the way they position the seats in the Odyssey hence this setback can have a negative spiral effect on the sales front. Meanwhile, the Pacifica can look to tap on Honda’s issue to push on for greater sales. We would certainly be surprised if Chrysler isn’t grinning at this time.