Chrysler Pacifica Cries For The Axing Of Deadwoods

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Chrysler may not admit it but they are facing a sales crisis at the moment and this is due to having a very small line-up. if you are to head to nearest Chrysler dealer, you will see two vehicles in the showroom – the 300 and the Pacifica.

These two vehicles are the only ones that are actively getting produced by Chrysler and if they are to fail on the sales front, it can spell doom to the carmaker.

The good news here is that the Pacifica has been doing very well since the release of the new-gen model a couple of years ago. January 2018 saw the Pacifica further posting greens as it inclined by 20.1% when compared to January of last year.

The unfortunate bit here is that the 300 can’t do the same as the car experienced a 50.72% drop from January of last year. The 300 has severely damaged Chrysler’s sales sheet for the first month in January and it doesn’t help seeing that some deadwoods from the past are dragging the carmaker down.

Names like the 200 and Town & Country have been discontinued but the leftover stocks are continuing to hurt Chrysler’s sales. The carmaker can’t hide it any longer and they will need to clear the deadwoods while announcing on a line-up expansion if they want to survive these testing times.