Chrysler Pacifica: ‘Hell-Sketch’ Gets Shot Down

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Back when Chrysler launched the new generation Chrysler Pacifica, CEO Sergio Marchionne released a teaser sketch of a racing-tuned model thus leading to the expectations that there is going to be a Pacifica Hellcat or a Pacifica Trackhawk.

The added moniker basically signifies the use of a 707hp V8 engine that was made famous by the Dodge Challenger and it has the power to turn the Pacifica into the fastest minivan in automotive history.

Well, fast forward till today, we can now confirm that the Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat is not going to happen at all. Fiat-Chrysler revealed in a recent interview that their plans for 2018 won’t see the birth of what possibly is the world’s fastest minivan.

While the interest is there, FCA shared that they have other plans and priorities to look into instead of injecting hell into the minivan scene through the Pacifica Hellcat.

All is not lost however as FCA added that they will expand the Trackhawk nameplate first and if the response is good, they will then consider the Pacifica Hellcat.