Chrysler Pacifica Plans To Go Higher Than Android Auto

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What is there not to like about the all-new Chrysler Pacifica? Despite being made as a minivan, the Pacifica has received positive feedback from the public and this is thanks to the performance which it has to offer.

Like most other new vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler, the Pacifica comes with an infotainment system that has Android Auto. But if you think that this is the best which the Pacifica can offer, you are wrong.

Fiat-Chrysler revealed earlier today that they have agreed on a deal with Google. The tech giant will be tasked to develop a highly intelligent, Android-powered slate that will be used as an infotainment system for their future vehicles.

The new technology is tipped to be ready somewhere in 2020, right in time for the Pacifica Facelift’s arrival. We find this really interesting because Android Auto is still pending to reach full throttle and here we have FCA already looking forward to a full Android infotainment system.