Chrysler Pacifica Takes Crown Away From Toyota Prius

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Chrysler has made it clear that the vast majority of Pacifica buyers opted for the hybrid model. With that in mind, it may perhaps be accurate to say that the long-serving Toyota Prius is no longer the king of the pure hybrid realm.

The Prius has long been the leading name on the sales front under the pure hybrid category but since the introduction of the latest generation model, the car has gone through a steep decline.

The obvious reason for this is due to the unattractive design language on the new Prius and it took months for Toyota to admit their mistake. Toyota may have promised to fix it in the near future but that isn’t enough to save the Prius from losing its throne.

The April USA auto sales chart has confirmed that Toyota has moved only 7,420 Prius – 23.6% drop from April of last year. Meanwhile, the Chrysler Pacifica continued to soar with 10,180 units sold. While the Pacifica may have suffered a small decline, the overall YTD sales has pushed up by a margin of 20.5%.

In total, 42,759 Pacifica were sold this year and this is almost 15,000 units more than the Toyota Prius. Of all cars that can beat the Prius, we never expected it to be the Pacifica and in a convincing way too.

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  1. Peter Wilkins

    May 11, 2018 at 5:44 am

    According to, the plug-in hybrid Pacifica has sold 952 in the US in 2018 up to April. Meanwhile the plug-in Prius Prime sold 9094 and the non-plug-in Prius liftback sold 15794. Prius continues to lead in both the plug-in hybrid and non-plug-in hybrid categories.