Corvette C6: Affordability Does Not Mean Unreliable!

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If you are in the market for a $30,000 sports car, you may have a used Corvette C6 on your watchlist as the car can easily be obtained for less than your budget.

You may also find yourself questioning the logic of the low calling price for the Corvette C6. How can a car that can offer at least 400hp be so affordable? Could it be because they are unreliable?

Well, we have a unit of the C6 sitting in our company’s garage and we can say that unreliable is not something you should worry about with the sports car.

The C6 is not exactly the best in reliability if you keep giving it a beating but for a sports car, it doesn’t suffer any major issues at all. The small little problems with the C6 are some of things that are commonly experienced by sports cars that are used for occasional tracking and nothing more.

So why are they so cheap again? We would have to say that it is due to Chevrolet pushing them out in big numbers. The bigger the population, the cheaper the car gets in the used market. Besides, the C6’s original MSRP is really cheap when compared to vehicles of similar power.