Corvette C7 ZRI Counting Down Porsche 918 Numbers

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It has been a long while since Porsche launched the 918 Spyder but the car is still positioned at the top of Nurburgring’s charts. This is something which Chevrolet wants to beat and they have since brought the Corvette C7 ZR1 to the legendary track.

The new ZR1 is described by Chevrolet as the most track capable car around as it has 755hp to offer from the LT5 engine and 13 coolants that can keep the vehicle lasting.

The car was spotted at Nurburgring together with Chevrolet’s engineering crew earlier today and it won’t be long before an official track time result for the car surfaces online.

For Chevrolet, they are confident that the C7 ZR1 can give the 918 Spyder a fight but we will need to wait until a result comes out before we can confirm on this. The way we see it, the C7 ZR1 is likely to achieve sub 7-minute timing around the Ring. What’s your prediction?