Corvette C8: Driver’s Dreams Hampered By DCT-Only Expectation!

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The mid-engine Corvette C8 is a promising sports car which Chevrolet is working on as we speak and many can’t wait to see what the vehicle has to offer.

For the majority of the fans, they are expecting the C8 to be a true competitor for the Porsche 911 instead of a pure supercar. This is due to the Corvette’s reputation for not producing wildly expansive cars.

Well, those expectations are now being shaken by strong leaks pinpointing on the C8’s supercar status. The leaks suggest that the C8 will be relying on a powerful V8 engine and power will be managed by a Tremec’s dual-clutch transmission.

If DCT is going to eb the only choice out there, it will make the C8 more fitting for the supercar tag instead of being just another mid-engine sports car. This will make better sense as GM would want to compete against the Ford GT.

But of course, until further clarification from GM happens, you should take the above with a grain of salt.