Corvette C8 Flaunts Mid-Engine Setup On Public Roads!

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It is no secret that Chevrolet is working on a mid-engine Corvette C8 and many are curious to see on which market the vehicle will cater to.

The way we see it, there are two potentials with the next Corvette C8. The first is for the car to assume the role of GM’s exotic supercar that will retail above $200,000. The second is for the mid-engine C8 to be like the Porsche 911 but with a much cheaper MSRP.

There is no way to tell on the outcome at current moment but we can still start getting used to the C8’s presence on public roads. The mid-engine car in development has been doing the rounds for live road tests and it was captured on camera by an enthusiast in the area.

The individual recorded the mid-engine C8 in motion on public roads and you can check out the clip below.