Corvette C8: Mid-Engine Caught Cruising On Public Roads!

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It is no secret that GM is currently developing a mid-engine supercar and the vehicle is tentatively called the Corvette C8.

Despite many fearing that the C8’s mid-engine setup will change Corvette’s stance in the market, the thought of seeing a different approach with a Vette has bred an equal amount of excitement towards the car.

GM may have yet to reveal the details on the C8 Corvette but we can already get a rough idea on the sort of powertrain which the vehicle will rely on today. This is thanks to a new spy video which offers an up-close look at the Corvette C8 cruising on public roads.

We personally feel that the C8 will be powered by twin-turbo V8 engine but again, this is just a prediction from our end. You can check out the clip below and tell us on the sort of outcome which you think will feature on the C8.