Corvette Z06 Attempts At Stealing Ford Mustang Identity

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Car meets and the Ford Mustang tends to end in a bang – literally. Over on YouTube, there is an abundance of videos that shows a Mustang crashing when attempting to leave a car meet in a stylish manner.

The crash streak has given the Mustang a negative reputation but this may soon go away thanks to the Corvette Z06. The supercar from GM is one of America’s finest creations and it is well respected everywhere.

Today, however, a black ship in the Corvette Z06 family almost spoiled everything for the entire Z06 family as it crashed at a local car meet. In detail, the car was seen crashing into a tree in yesterday’s car meet located at Scottsdale, Arizona.

You can see in the clip below that the Corvette Z06 was sprinting on the road before losing control and crashing into a tree. The front bumpers were knocked off the car and the driver suffered heavy injuries.