Corvette Z06 Caught Mimicking Ford Mustang

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If there is one thing the Ford Mustang must stay away from, it is car meets. The viral videos on YouTube have confirmed that the Mustang tends to crash when attempting to show-off at a car meet.

This is an unpleasant label on the iconic pony car and the good drivers can’t help but to live with it. But then again, the impact is no longer as huge as before and this is thanks to the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Chevrolet can’t see eye-to-eye with Ford on most things but their prime performance car somehow managed to mimic the bad things on the Mustang like crashing in car meets.

A new video has surfaced earlier today and it saw the Corvette Z06 suffering from heavy injuries after crashing when attempting to do a burn-out. The surprising bit is the fact that the car in the clip below is not a Mustang thus the Corvette has taken some heat off their rival performance car.