Corvette Z06 Takes Negative Trait From Ford Mustang

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If there is one thing a Corvette will never want to be associated with, it is a Ford Mustang. Both Corvette and Mustang are two rival nameplates here in the US and they have been trying to outdo each other since the beginning of time.

But in a case from recently ago, we actually saw the Corvette Z06 behaving identically to a Ford Mustang. Yes you read that right. A Corvette Z06 was spotted at a car meet and it carries a stench that is commonly found on a Mustang.

In detail, the driver of the Z06 drove the car like how a common Mustang is driven and it led to a huge crash. It was said that the driver was attempting to do a burnout on a car meet and he lost complete control of the car.

This is basically a trait of a Mustang as the car is very popular when it comes to crashing during car meets. For more details on the incident, you can check out a clip of the crash embedded below.