Corvette Z06: The New Definition Of Driver’s Car

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When someone says driver’s car, the first that comes to our mind is the Porsche 911. The iconic vehicle has never strayed away from manual and its extreme performance makes it ideal for any passionate drivers out there.

But to call the 911 the best driver’s car may not sound right as the title belongs to a different vehicle. Like how it is mentioned in the title above, the car we are referring to is the Corvette Z06.

The all-American sports car showed Porsche who’s boss when it beat the 911 lap times on the Nurburgring. While still not as fast as the range-topping 918 Spyder, the Corvette Z06 manages to break the manual speed record around the track.

This makes the Z06 extra special to every driver out there and you can check out the happening below.