Dealers May Kill Porsche Mission E Before Official Launching!

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The majority of consumers that have been following the Porsche Mission E are actually more interested in seeing the car competing with the Tesla Model S P100D instead of just the car.

This is despite of Porsche’s clear message which screams that the Mission E does not want anything to do with the P100D. Porsche has made it clear that they want the Mission E to be a track-capable EV like the Porsche 911 and not some high-flying straight-line champion like the P100D.

With the above in mind, Porsche has now released new details on the Mission E and this includes the target pricing of the car. The word is that the Mission E will have an opening price of $85,000. The news resulted in many celebrating in joy as the pricing of the Mission E is going to be cheaper than the P100D.

On the other hand, everything may bite the fans back as the Mission E may suffer a dealer mark-up. Just recently ago, the latest 911 R saw its prices multiplied by ten-fold hence it is not impossible for the Mission E to encounter a similar situation.

And when that happens, we predict a full widespread report on how the Mission E is cheaper than the P100D on papers but dealers have ruined Porsche. It’s really predictable when you think about it and we would actually be surprised if it does not happen.