Did Chrysler Pacifica Just Confirm On Dodge Durango Hellcat?

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles may not be the most liked group of carmakers around but we can commend them for building true driver’s cars. Despite the fact that the industry is pushing for more green vehicles, FCA kept on developing sports cars with the resources that they have.

One example is with the Dodge ‘Hellcat’ moniker that has been passed around within FCA’s camp. The Hellcat’s exclusivity to the Challenger has expired since Dodge brought out the Demon and this has allowed the likes of Charger and even the Jeep Grand Cherokee to adopt the 707hp V8 engine.

With FCA doing the unthinkable that is to Hellcat every major vehicle in their line-up, which car could be next to get the 707hp treatment?

Chrysler once teased a sketch of a racer Pacifica and it made the minivan favourites to get the 707hp upgrade. But just a month ago, Chrysler revealed that the Hellcat makeover for the Pacifica is not happening – at least for the near future.

If so, then the Dodge Durango could be the next car that adopts the Hellcat mill. The Durango can be described as the twin for the Jeep Grand Cherokee hence it is likely for the vehicle to get the 707hp upgrade. FCA will definitely approve this since the racer Pacifica is already considered as an official idea and it won’t be difficult for them to do so.

Should it come true, we don’t expect the Durango to have the Hellcat moniker. It will instead adopt the Trackhawk nameplate, similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. What do you think?