Did Infiniti Overuse Nissan Rogue For Next Q50?

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The 2017 LA Auto Show brought out a number of new SUVs and among them is the Infiniti QX50. The next-gen Q50 became a crowd-puller at the event as it made a good first impression by having a nice design.

But if looks are the only thing that matter, we dare say that the QX50 is more of a Nissan Rogue in Infiniti’s clothing because we noticed a lot of similarities across the two vehicles.

The Rogue is a popular crossover from Nissan and while it may be smaller than the QX50 in size, the structure and placement of features are near identical to one another. Just by looking at the QX50 in picture above, you can notice the window line and door measurements having the same cut ratio to the Nissan Rogue.

The muscular stance and the way the roofline slopes towards the tailgate is another thing that is very Rogue-like. If Infiniti has stopped here, we wouldn’t have this problem but instead, they choose to take influence from the Rogue for the heel arches, side profile and C-pillar.

It’s actually hard to notice due to the larger size of the QX50 and the sort-of premium colour combination. On the other hand, it could be just our eyes and there is nothing wrong with the QX50.