Did Jeep Just Tease On Wrangler Trackhawk?

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The name Trackhawk signifies the use of the Hellcat-sourced 707hp V8 engine on utility vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler but only the Jeep Grand Cherokee has received the Trackhawk treatment.

We have already seen what the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is capable of and we have to say that the vehicle is now one of the fastest, stock, road-legal SUV in automotive history. So, which vehicle is up to receive the Trackhawk makeover next?

We don’t know about you but we feel that it is the new generation Jeep Wrangler. The idea of having the Wrangler with 707hp may defeat the all-terrain purpose of the vehicle but Fiat-Chrysler as a whole likes to make these absurd decisions.

Today, it appears that Jeep has subliminally approved the development of the Wrangler Trackhawk via their Superbowl ad – Jurassic Jeep. If you are to check out the advert, you can listen to the roars of a V8 engine on the Wrangler.

Now, the thing here is that the Wrangler is never offered with a V8 hence the engine roar could be a hint that a Trackhawk variant is on the way. Will it happen though?