Did Mercedes X-Class Save Us From A Luxury Honda Ridgeline?

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Many would say that Mercedes has made a big mistake by launching the X-Class and we can’t help but to agree with them. The X-Class may be a decent performer with a respectable payload and towing capacity but it doesn’t have that level of design and luxury that defines a Mercedes-Benz.

This cannot be helped as the X-Class is based on a Nissan Navara and Mercedes made little changes to the vehicle which the X-Class is based on which denies it from offering a distinctive flavour.

The good news here is that the poor remarks made on the X-Class have perhaps saved us from even more torture from other car manufacturers. If you can recall back when the X-Class was in development, several notable brands have showed interest to compete if they see a viable opportunity to do so.

Among them is Acura, which teased that they already have a blueprint read y and it is a luxury pickup truck that is based on the Honda Ridgeline. With the X-Class not getting the ‘intended’ reception, Acura has probably backed off from developing the diamond-cladded Ridgeline.