Did Skoda Taxi Expose Toyota Reliability As Overrated?

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Toyota is famous for many great things and among them is reliability. It seems that everyone can easily agree with the statement which claims any car produced by Toyota can last up to a million miles with normal routine maintenance.

This has been proven a number of times when several owners that have clocked more than a million miles on their Toyota were granted some treats on a new model by the Japanese carmaker. But of course, if you think that Toyota is the only carmaker to have done so, you are wrong.

German carmaker Skoda may not be as popular as Toyota but it seems that their cars are equally reliable. A Skoda Octavia MK1 taxi in Europe went viral when a picture of its odometer surfaced online. As you may have guessed, the odometer reads 999,999 miles and it can’t go any further.

The owner simply says that he just adhere to the routine maintenance and replace ‘wear & tear’ parts in a timely manner. It may be slightly more expansive than a Toyota but it is enough to achieve more than a million miles.

Of course, neither Skoda nor the Volkswagen Group has made any comments regarding the car but it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it. Will the company do a Toyota and award the guy with some massive treats or a brand new car?

We can’t tell for sure but the point here is that Skoda had just shown the world that Toyota is not the only one that can produce long-lasting vehicles.