‘Dieselgate 2.0’ Raise Doubts On Ford Ranger Raptor!

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Imagine waking up one day to find your name being tangled in a new controversy without any prior warning. The feeling must be horrendous and it is probably what Ford is going through right now.

After a couple of quiet weeks in the automotive industry, a group of lawyers suddenly plucked Ford’s name for cheating their diesel emission. The allegations suggest that diesel-powered Ford vehicles are unclean as they emit more carbon on real world performance.

Ford responded to those allegations by claiming that their diesel-powered vehicles are not equipped with a cheat device and they are confident that this probe was made to disrupt their momentum in the automotive scene.

But then again, the fact that there’s a probe means the lawyers must have some sort of proof to back their claims up. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even want to go through the trouble of accusing Ford with cheating their diesel emission.

A case is now being filed against Ford and this is expected to drag on in the coming months. If Ford is to be found guilty, the carmaker is likely to suffer huge financial damages that will put a dent on their annual goals.

One of the vehicles that are likely to get affected is the Ford Ranger Raptor. The next-gen Ranger will be making its debut this year and the Raptor trim is said to rely on a diesel mill. With ‘dieselgate 2.0’ brewing over Ford, the carmaker may scrap the Ranger Raptor entirely.