Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro Rivalry Coming To An End?

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It is easy to criticize FCA boss Sergio Marchionne for many things, but it’s hard to deny that he doesn’t know how to give up. According to Automotive News, the chief executive is entertaining the possibility of approaching GM for a merger yet again.

While it’s all too clear that a merger would really help FCA with its debt problems, does the automaker have anything of worth to offer its potential partners? GM doesn’t seem to think so, having turned down its Michigan rival several times.

If GM changes its mind and decides it’s worthwhile working hand-in-hand with FCA, the merger would effectively put an end to the long-standing rivalry between the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger – and that’s bad news.

The beauty of the rivalry lies in the fact that both the Camaro and Challenger bring different strengths to the table. Sharing of technology and platforms between the two may mount extra pressure on the Ford Mustang, but the muscle/pony car segment would eventually lose its flavor.

That of course doesn’t matter to Marchionne, who insisted during the Geneva Auto Show that he could still “shamelessly try knocking on the GM door again, or any door, if I thought it was a good thing to do for the business,” which is commendable in its own way.