Dodge Challenger & Chrysler Pacifica Overwrites Poor Sales With A Break

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After a year of non-stop hard work, an individual will feel complete satisfaction when he takes a well deserve break. But what if the individual did not do much and decides to take a break? What will you call that?

We raise this question because several poor-performing cars from Fiat-Chrysler is now on holiday. Yes you read that right. Fiat-Chrysler has decided to place a pause on several production plants and they are also the ones that are responsible for developing the Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Pacifica. The break will stretch for four days, starting from today.

The thing that bothered us most is that Fiat-Chrysler chose the facility which they have paused based on sales performance. With the Challenger and Pacifica being out of the picture, it strongly suggests that both models are not doing well on the sales front.

Perhaps, it is also down to a surplus in the number of Challenger and Pacifica produced. Either way, Fiat-Chrysler really need to come up with a comeback plan fast or risk losing the Challenger and Pacifica to severe losses.