Dodge Challenger Demon Can Turn You Into A Drag Champ!

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Back in November last year, Dodge commenced deliveries of the all-new Challenger Demon and it is about time for us to see how the car performs on the drag strip when in the hands of a non-professional racer.

Is the Dodge Challenger Demon a simple car to drive or does it require a lot of skill in order for you to achieve the sub-10 seconds quarter-mile time listed in the car’s brochure?

This is a question which we really want answered and today, we got just that. Our subscription to the Demon tag on YouTube brought us to a newly uploaded video of the Challenger Demon first run on a quarter-mile in the hands of an early adopter and it suggests that driving the Demon is like plug-and-play.

It seems that you will need to adhere to the Demon’s launch control guide if you wish to achieve the best drag times – something that is not complicated at all. For the full details, you can check out the clip of the 840hp monster in action below.