Dodge Challenger Demon Can’t Get Loyal Supporters!

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Whoever is a fan of the Dodge Challenger Demon today is likely to end up forgetting about the sports car due to the discovery of love for the Tesla Model S P100D in the near future.

Okay, that may sound a bit too extreme but the point here is that Dodge is struggling with the acquisition of a loyal fanbase. Just about anyone can be a fan of Dodge but they won’t stick around to back the carmaker up until the end of time.

This was proven today when a research from Edmund Report found the brands from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles being ranked the lowest in brand loyalty. It is the complete opposite of Toyota, Subaru and Honda that boasts the most loyal fanbase around.

We don’t know about you but the research may have something to do with the reliability of the car brands. Names like Honda and Toyota have always dominated the reliability charts whereas FCA is at the bottom pile of things.

Hence, if Dodge and FCA are able to fix their reliability reputation, they may finally achieve a fanbase that is loyal to their offerings.