Dodge Challenger Demon Caught Walking On Volkswagen’s Shoes

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When it comes to underrating performance figures, Volkswagen is the best in this department as they have been doing it on almost every car they produced. The Golfs, in particular, are often faster than what is indicated on the brochures thus granting Volkswagen this title.

So when Dodge did the same for the newly released Challenger Demon, we can’t help but to feel surprised by it. Dodge has already spilled every detail regarding the Challenger Demon but not many are aware that the car is actually more powerful than what it appears to be.

While the 840hp calculation for the V8 engine may be accurate, the mill can actually make the Demon sprint faster than how Dodge indicated it to be. Dodge claims that the Challenger Demon can clock 2.3 seconds on a 0-60mph sprint but the car is actually faster than that.

An in-depth test conducted by a major reviewer found that the Demon can actually touch 60mph in only 2.1 seconds. 0.2 seconds is a world of a difference when it comes to acceleration hence our greater love for the Challenger Demon.