Dodge Challenger Demon: First Drag Run By A Non-Professional

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One of the things that we found hard to find is a video of the Dodge Challenger Demon demonstrating its drag strip performance.

The car has been widely praised for having the ability to finish a quarter-mile with the best time around but the outcome may be different when in the hands of an everyday driver. As such, we have been patiently waiting to see an early Demon adopter pushing the car to its limits.

Today, that wait has reached an end after an owner of the Demon shared a video of his Challenger racing on a drag strip. Thanks to the clip, we are able to see how good the Challenger Demon really is when its 840hp V8 mill is handled by a non-racing professional.

Can the Challenger Demon meet its 2.3seconds 0-60mph time that was set by Dodge?