Dodge Challenger Demon Is Barely Half Of Its Full Potential

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The latest New York Auto Show concluded in full style with Dodge launching the insanely powerful pony car, the Challenger Demon. Unlike how it is with the Challenger Hellcat, the Demon has got more than 800hp to offer and it has also created a new 0-60mph record on the track.

However, if you think that this is all which the Challenger Demon can do, you are wrong. Dodge may have scored big with the Challenger Demon but the pony car is still not at its full potential just yet.

This was confirmed by Hennessey when they revealed that they have found the perfect tuning package that will really turn the Challenger Demon into a real demon on the roads. The tuning firm indicated that they will soon start selling a package that can boost the Challenger Demon’s power figures to around 1,500hp.

This is almost double the amount of power found on the official Challenger Demon and we can’t imagine how the speed of the car will be like when equipped with the tuning package from Hennessey.