Dodge Challenger Demon Suffers Defeat In The Hands Of All-Terrain Monster

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The Dodge Challenger Demon is currently the world’s fastest factory-stock quarter-mile car hence you can expect the vehicle to be a lot faster when in the hands of Fate of the Furious protagonist, Dominic Toretto.

Unfortunately, however, our expectations are wrong as the Challenger Demon from the Fate of the Furious film is actually not the fastest car around.

We found this out when watching a group of video game racers going against each other with every vehicle that has featured in Fate of the Furious. Dubbed as the World’s Greatest Drag Race Fate of the Furious Edition, the straight line challenge saw the Demon coming in second place.

Local Motors Rally Fighter won the contest despite having significantly lower power count when compared to the Challenger Demon. You can check out the race below.