Dodge Challenger Demon: Today Is Not Real?

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Dodge may have confirmed on the development of the Challenger Demon but the details that come with the car are mostly still a secret. Dodge has yet to spill any beans regarding the Demon and they only thing they said is that the car will be faster and lighter than the Challenger Hellcat.

Things like the Demon is going to have a single-seat configuration, a carbon-fibre body, AWD drivetrain and also 900hp to offer from a refined V8 engine are all based on rumours hence they can’t be taken without salt at all.

The unfortunate thing is that the masses are now seeing these as facts and doing so may increase the risk of disappointment. It won’t be a problem for Dodge because if the Demon really turns out to be good, then they can pat the rumours for helping them keeping the secret safe.

All will be confirmed when the Challenger Demon takes the stage at the upcoming New York Auto Show. The event is likely to be the place where Dodge spills every bean regarding the Demon. Will the rumours be right?