Dodge Challenger Demon vs Mustang GT500: Can Ford Keep Up?

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The latest New York Auto Show saw Dodge pulling the curtains off the all-new Challenger Demon and it got most performance lovers drooling at the sight of the car. This cannot be helped because the Challenger Demon is now officially the world’s fastest accelerating car.

The Challenger Demon may run on the a familiar 6.2L V8 engine but the mill is tailored to offer more than 800hp and the fact that the car is a lot lighter than the already insane Challenger Hellcat makes it better optimized for performance.

So, which car can directly compete with the Challenger Demon?

While not certain yet, the answer could be the next-gen Ford Mustang GT500. Ford has already confirmed on the car’s development and the timing of the Challenger Demon’s arrival can allow Ford to develop something better.

The future GT500 is confirmed to rely on a V8 engine and the mill may get tuned to match the figures on the Challenger Demon. However, whether the Mustang GT500 can beat the Challenger Demon is a question that will get answered next year.