Dodge Challenger Demon vs Veyron-Killing BMW M3: Drag Strip Showdown

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About a week ago, a video of a heavily modified BMW M3 circulated around the internet after it completed a quarter-mile challenge much faster than a stock Bugatti Veyron. It got many hailing the M3 as the fastest of its kind but how does it fare against a stock Dodge Challenger Demon?

The latter is the newest car from Dodge and it is made to be the fastest, road-legal drag car. Well, despite all the modifications made on the M3, the car is still far behind the Challenger Demon on the straight line.

The M3 record time on the drag strip is 10.18 seconds and it has a peak speed of 139mph. While this may look impressive, the car is no match for the timings recorded by the Challenger Demon.

The Challenger Demon runs on a 840hp V8 mill that allows it to complete a quarter-mile in just 9.65 seconds and with a top speed of 140mph. It is still the fastest stock car on the straight line and the M3 is no match for it.