Dodge Challenger Demon: When The Speedometer Can’t Catch Up!

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After months of waiting, it has finally happened. Dodge has commenced delivering the Challenger Demon and those that have been on the front-line of pre-orders had just received their vehicle.

For one particular owner, he was quick to test out the raw power of the Demon and the lad made a video out of it. The clip saw the owner bursting into speed with the Challenger Demon although he didn’t go to the extreme with the car.

But then again, the clip is still able to highlight one particular issue with the Challenger Demon and that is with the speedometer. If you are to view the clip below, the 840hp beast of a car can really pull into speed at rapid pace and the speedometer appears to be struggling to keep up and relay the speed of the car accurately.

It is an issue that we can say is positive for the Dodge Challenger Demon and buyers will be pleased by it. Now can we please move on to put the Demon in a straight-line contest with the Tesla P100D?