Dodge Challenger Demon: Why It Got Unveiled In New York

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The all-new Dodge Challenger Demon got unveiled a couple of days ago, at the 2017 New York Auto Show, and it got the enthusiasts cheering for the vehicle. This cannot be helped as the Challenger Demon is confirmed to be a “hell-lot” faster than the already insane Challenger Hellcat.

Like the Hellcat, the Challenger Demon relies on a 6.2L V8 engine but one that is tuned to offer 840hp and 770ft-lbs of torque. This is an engine with the biggest power output in muscle car’s history.

Everything about the Challenger Demon sounds great but nobody knows why Dodge rushed to bring out the car at the New York Auto Show. There are plenty of other motoring events in a calendar year so why New York?

Well, this is actually because of the all-new Fast & Furious film sequel, The Fate of the Furious. The film was launched last week and it started off with the Challenger Demon being operated by the protagonist, Dom. It is a short scene and the car-themed film helps tease on the Challenger Demon prior to its official unveiling.

Thanks to the appearance in the film, the world got more hyped up for the Challenger Demon’s coming hence the extra attention given on Dodge at the New York Auto Show.