Dodge Challenger Demon Would Put Hellcat To Bed Early

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April 12, 2017 is within months from now and it will see the official debut of the Dodge Challenger Demon. Many can’t wait to meet the Demon in person as the vehicle promises an exciting new appearance as well as unimaginable power.

Dodge has already confirmed that the Demon will be slotted above the Challenger Hellcat hence we can expect the vehicle to come out with more than 707hp to offer. Furthermore, the Challenger Demon is also going to be a lot lighter and it may arrive with a single-seat configuration.

But despite all these upgrades, can the Dodge Challenger Demon perform an exquisite launch on the drag strip? Well, the answer is yes. It was revealed earlier today that the Demon will wear a set of new Nitto NT05R tyres which can give the car twice more grip than the Challenger Hellcat.

With such a feature, the Challenger Demon can worry less about spinning on launch and accelerate without remorse.

But of course, the tyres are only one of many interesting upgrades coming to the Demon. Dodge reminded everyone that more will come since they still have seven weeks until the Demon’s official unveiling.