Dodge Challenger GT vs Hellcat: How Good Is AWD?

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The newly released Dodge Challenger GT isn’t your ordinary Challenger as it is the first pony car here in the US to adopt an AWD drive system. With an AWD setup, the GT can go on off the line ahead of any RWD cars but is this enough to make it faster than the Challenger Hellcat?

Well, we can now find out after TFL cars organized a drag test involving both a stock Challenger GT and a Challenger Hellcat. The former relies on a 305hp mill, which is not even half of what the latter is capable of offering. The Hellcat, as we all know, relies on a powerful V8 that can churn out 707hp.

So can being quicker of the line turns the 707hp beast into a tamed vehicle? Let’s find out in the video below: