Dodge Challenger Hellcat Caught Testing Out AWD

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Dodge is on a roll at the moment after launching several highly attractive vehicles. Among them are the Challenger Demon and the Challenger GT. The former is currently the world’s fastest 0-60mph car whereas the latter is the world’s first AWD muscle car.

The Challenger GT made a cautious entry into the market out of fear that it won’t get accepted by the public but the opposite happened. The Challenger GT reached its sales goal on a monthly basis and this has given Dodge the confidence to go all-out with the AWD muscle car.

Dodge may not have said anything yet in regards to the GT but that did not stop the insiders from sharing that a GT Hellcat is in the works. Today, the insiders received more support after a photo of the Challenger GT Hellcat surfaced online.

As how you can see above, the Challenger can be seen with the 707hp V8 engine and its wider framework suggests on an AWD drivetrain. Would you be interested in the Challenger GT Hellcat?