Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sets Example When Trashing Corvette C6!

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The Chevrolet Corvette C6 was a mighty fine sports car back in the year when it made its debut and it is still able to offer a respectable performance today.

Despite all the goodness that is with the Corvette C6, the vehicle is no match for the 707hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat on the straight line. The Challenger Hellcat is simply a powerhouse on the drag strips thus making it one of the cars you want to avoid a traffic light race with. Even if the Hellcat is driven by a man in his 60s, you wouldn’t want to look down on the car.

A Corvette C6 owner experienced just that when he had some fun going on a straight line challenge with a Challenger Hellcat that is driven by a man in his 60s and he lost.

What made it special is the humble attitude of the senior as he plays down the love for a Hellcat by simply saying “it runs alright”. The gesture is hard to describe in words hence we have decided to share the clip below for your viewing.