Dodge Challenger Looks To Copy Ford Mustang Plans

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It seems that Fiat-Chrysler is blown away by the popularity of the Ford Mustang on the global market. The Mustang managed to achieve outstanding sales figures in 2016 and this is partly owed to the fact that the car is also made for the RHD countries.

Whether FCA admits it or not, we can tell that they are inspired by the Mustang and desire for the same experience through the Dodge Challenger. The muscle car from FCA is really popular in the US and they may get a lot more sales if made for the RHD countries.

Fiat-Chrysler Australia shared earlier today that the RHD nations are demanding for more performance varieties and this is a market which they look to tap on. Australia, in particular, has a strong RWD performance fanbase and FCA believes that a RHD-tailored Challenger can turn into a huge success in the country.

FCA concluded by saying that they are still studying the market and if all goes well, they will launch a RHD Challenger in Australia before shipping a limited number of units to other RHD countries. If the Ford Mustang can do it, so can the Dodge Challenger.