Dodge Charger: Doesn’t This Insult Dodge Challenger?

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How do you tell the difference between the Dodge Challenger and the Charger? Well, aside from the design and cabin layout, you can’t actually spot any difference between the two cars as they are very much alike.

Almost anything and everything on the Challenger gets passed to the Charger so when we witnessed the birth of a Charger Coupe, we can’t help but feel bad for the Challenger. The coupe styling is something which the iconic Challenger can feel special about but it would not mean anything if the Charger is to adopt the same style.

The good news here is that the Charger Coupe is not made as an official product from Dodge. It is actually a customized car that is developed by Nick Kizi. The lad and his team spent 5,000 hours working on a brand new Charger just so they can turn it into a pure coupe.

His work is filled with the desire to have a Charger Coupe as a car hence the amount of effort poured into customizing the original Charger. Let’s hope that it is just a one-off thing because if everyone is to want one, it may irritate the Challenger.