Dodge Charger Physically Flips Ford Mustang, It’s Chaos All Over

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It seems that the vehicles from Dodge are giving the law enforcers here in the US a lot to handle. Just a week ago, a video of a man in a Challenger Hellcat went viral as he escaped a high-speed chase. The lad eventually got caught when the Hellcat ran out of fuel.

Today, it is the other way round as the Dodge Charger that is used by the State Troopers handed some justice to traffic offenders. A Ford Mustang was caught on camera trying to flee the police and it resulted in a high-speed chase.

However, unlike the one from a week ago, the Mustang didn’t manage to last long as the Police Charger caught up with the car and made a tactical contact with it.

The planned crash resulted in the Mustang flipping over thus preventing it from driving any further. The Charger, on the other hand, held its ground as it gets applauded by watchers at the scene.